Just like Job series

Just Like Job


First of all before I forget, I would like to thank You Lord for being who You are in my life. I know I am not always grateful and usually I wait till Sundays before showing some form of appreciation, despite all this You have been by my side catering to my every needs. Thank you.

Now to the matter of the day, I have decided to challenge myself this year having faith that this ‘challenge’ will blossom into a way of life and become a habit for me. Note that I have not made any reference to a ‘New Year’s resolution’, this is because my challenge is actually something I know and believe is supposed to be an obligation from me as a child of God.

So what is this challenge? My challenge is to give thanks… don’t get me wrong, I know how to say ‘Thank You’ but I have been struggling with thanking God for my life and activities surrounding my life. This may sound simple but trust me, it is not. For instance look at this ‘instagram-world’  we are living in, if you are not careful you will compare your life with one ‘insta-celeb’ and instead of praising God for his mercies, you will start feeling envious, jealous, some even feel hatred and start despising their life (for no apparent reason). Let me give you an insight into my life, now 2014 if I am to be honest with you, was not really the best. Though I have sooo many testimonies for 2014 (thank You Lord), my faith was tested and I received some negative news which made me cry, weep, whine, mourn and even question God. Let’s fast forward to today, again I received some displeasing news but instinctively I just started rendering thanks to God (shaming the enemy). Praising God should not be limited to the ‘good times’, I am alive you are alive – THANK YOU JESUS! I want to refer you to the story of Job in the Bible (Old Testament) I will not discuss Job’s story yet but I have not gone through 1/10 what this man went through, yet he was righteous in the Lord. I HAVE NO EXCUSE!
I have already started this and I pray the Lord gives me the strength to continue thanking him…no matter the situation – Just Like Job. Challenge yourself to thank God every moment of the day… may we reap from our thanksgiving – Just Like Job. Amen

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”- 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

– dearmodernpsalmist@gmail.com